Fifield Glyn in 'Lockdown' thoughts by Rod Welfare, Director at Fifield Glyn

May 2020

Fifield Glyn in 'Lockdown' thoughts by Rod Welfare, Director at Fifield Glyn

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Rod Welfare, Director at Fifield Glyn, shares his thoughts on Fifield Glyn in Lockdown ...

It’s now 7 weeks since we closed the offices and started working from home.
It all came about extremely quickly and nobody was sure how it would all go, but we have adapted and the business is carrying on.
Our staff have been amazing, in what must be very worrying times for them.

Our IT is working well, which was a great relief and we are in touch with each other via Teams and Zoom.

The key has been social distancing and communication.

Block Management - We are still inspecting the exterior of our properties. Staying in touch with Tenants/leaseholders via email.

Commercial Management - A large amount of time has been spent dealing with tenants concerns and rent deferments.

Professional Work - We are continuing to carry out valuations, expert witness work, etc. We are having to adapt to inspect properties when they are not occupied.

Property Marketing - There is still a market, as proved by recent on line Auctions. We are changing the way we market property, particularly with video marketing, online forums, LinkedIn, virtual conferences and webinars.

The Future
Coming out of lockdown will prove difficult, keeping social distancing, we are going to have to be flexible and imaginative. It will be interesting to see if eventually working patterns change or revert back.

Some words I had never heard of until recently. Coronavirus, social distancing, zoom, furloughing, rent deferment and online forums.