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> Belasis Point: New 325,000 sqft B2/B8 Design & Build in Billingham, Teesside

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Fifield Glyn personnel

Jeff Rosen BSc FRICS ACIArb

Jeff is a Consultant to Fifield Glyn Ltd and is an experienced, business and client/tenant focussed property and development advisor, who demonstrates strategic and operational professional expertise.

Jeff's career includes Grosvenor Square Properties Development PLC (April 1984 - May 1995, JC Property Services (June 1995-May 2002) Ockway Estates Ltd (May 2002 - June 2004) Maidstone Capital LLP (June 2004 to date), Salisbury Capital LLP (June 2004 to date) and Lancaster Properties & Developments Ltd (June 2004 to date).


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