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Rating and Compulsory Purchase

Rating and Compulsory Purchase

Fifield Glyn are able to provide a range of Rating Services to enable commercial property owners and occupiers the opportunity keep this major fixed cost to a minimum.

Our services include:-

  • Checking Rate demands and calculations, Effective Dates, refunds or dealing with Empty Rates Property reductions
  • Advising on Compiled Rating List Entries and Valuation Office Agency valuations advising on different grounds for Appeal
  • Making Appeals
  • Negotiating generally with the Valuation Office Agency
  • Dealing with Splits and Mergers of assessments advising when and how property should be taken out of the Rating List
  • Documenting revised entries
  • Negotiating refunds/rebates from charging Local Authorities

Compulsory Purchase

We are able to advise occupiers of all types of Business Premises specialist advice on Compulsory Purchase and Compensation. This can relate to Total Extinguishment or Relocation of a business following receipt of a Compulsory Purchase Order.